In 2012 the European Union marked through its various directives reduction targets of greenhouse gas emissions from cars and should reach 130kg / km by 2015. That is why the automotive industry had to make significant technical advances for cars manufactured in the EU fulfill those objectives.

The appearance of the Start-Stop System was a major challenge in boot technology, as conventional batteries not responded so far to systems on / off continuously. By contrast, the start-stop battery offers:

  • 4 times the charging and discharging cycles of a standard battery.
  • + 20% power.
  • Maximum load acceptance.
  • It supports deep discharges of up to 75%.
  • Without maintenance.

The Start-Stop technology has made the battery in the true heart of the system. With this breakthrough fuel consumption is reduced by 10% and CO2 emission is reduced by up to 10%. This is achieved primarily by turning off the engine each time the vehicle stops. A conventional battery may not exceed these efforts for a long time.

BATTERIES EFB and AGM, serving the Start-Stop System

The aftermarket, currently in EFB and AGM is limited to high-end vehicles with large consumers on board or special applications.

– We began to see sales AGM Start-Stop replacement throughout 2012.

– We began to see sales EFB Start-Stop replacement in 2013-2014.

-The Change of EFB and AGM battery should only be done by another battery EFB and AGM of identical specification.